Planning Applications offer a fixed rate cost that covers:

- Drawing the existing scaled floor plans

- Drawing the existing scaled elevations

- Designing your proposed extension

- Drawing the proposed scaled floor plans

- Drawing the proposed scaled elevations

- Artist's impression or photo retouched image

- Writing a description of your proposal

- A3 colour presentation sheets

- Filling in the planning application forms

- The O.S. 1-500 Block Plan

- The O.S. 1-1250 Location Map

- Submitting the plans

- Liaising with the planning officers on your behalf

Design Service for Extensions and New Builds

Single storey rear extension

Front elevation extension

Double storey rear extension

Part single and part double storey extension

Property visual alterations

New build houses


Appeal cases and preparation

If you have been refused planning permission you may be in a strong position to appeal the council's decision.

We are experienced in preparing appeal cases, however, time is of the essence as you only have 12 weeks from the
decision date for householder applications to register your appeal.

We will research your refused application and the refusal decision reasons including local planning policies and legislation
before putting together an appeal case to the planning inspectorate.

We offer a fixed fee cost for this service based on the refusal reasons and the complexity of the application.


Creating a new visual impact

Are you selling or buying a property? work with home owners and selling agents to improve the marketing appeal of properties that are
not achieving a high amount of interest. An unattractive exterior of a property can lose the interest of potential buyers.

By re-designing the exterior of a property with computer generated artist's impressions, retouched photography or creating a
planning proposal, new buyers can see what improvement options can be achieved after purchasing.

High quality visuals and strong ideas can lead to a stronger selling appeal and greater market interest.

Pre-purchase advice

Shop conversion to houses

Front extension concept

Off street parking and outbuilding

We also work with buyers who are interested in a property but require ideas before they make an offer.

We can advise planning possibilities, research the planning history of an area and create concept ideas. will work hard to obtain planning permission for your project

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